Jordan & Jordan ( is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company that provides regulatory, market data and trading solutions across the securities industry.

Keeping pace with market practice and regulatory change, we provide business, technical and compliance solutions to meet the challenges faced by our customers in an increasingly competitive market. We leverage our knowledge of the financial markets across three practices: Management Consulting and Regulatory Compliance, Market Data Services, and Industry Solutions.

The Management Consulting and Regulatory Compliance practice focuses on strategic endeavors as well as the business and operational impacts of organizational, technology, or regulatory changes. Our Regulatory Compliance services feature Execution Compliance and Surveillance Solution (ECS) as a managed service, as well as comprehensive reviews to assess compliance with various aspects of the ever-changing regulatory landscape including regulatory reporting, the SEC’s Reg NMS and Market Access Rules, among others. The Market Data practice specializes in the commercial aspects of market data offering managed reporting services, data usage compliance assessments, expense management strategies and audit services. Jordan & Jordan facilitates solutions to shared industry issues through their management of the FIF (Financial Information Forum), FIX Trading Community and RIXML (Research Information Exchange Markup Language).

Jordan & Jordan’s client roster includes investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, information vendors, and global stock and derivatives exchanges.

Jordan & Jordan has offices in New York, Chicago, and London.

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