Under SEC Rule 613, broker-dealers are subject to more strict reporting than formerly under OATS, including new events modification/ cancellation of internal routes, client information, and more.

J&J’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) reporting capability will flow through an enhanced version of the Execution Compliance and Surveillance Service (ECS) product. in addition to the daily reporting of events to the FINRA CAT plan processor, ECS will also perform pre-submission testing of data and provide the ability to track and repair post submission rejections. J&J is equipped to handle data provided by clients in multiple formats including FIX, vendor-based and proprietary formats. Jordan & Jordan is responsible the normalization of the data of the client – not the other way around, to ensure the best quality and service.

Jordan & Jordan is a certified CAT Reporting Agent and has been reporting for multiple firms on our ECS platform since it went into production on June 22nd; J&J reports millions of events a day with an extremely low error rate. With our expertise, technology, and resources, the J&J team can provide a full suite of CAT solutions, including Reporting, Expert On-Demand Service, Automated Validation Testing, and Staff Augmentation Services. For more information on our consulting services see Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)


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