Regulatory Reporting Reviews

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) Reporting

  • J&J will conduct a review to identify all firm systems that contain order, trade or allocation activity that should be providing data to the CAT reporting process.
  • J&J will test selected data from each relevant firm system to confirm that the data is appropriately reported to CAT with the correct datapoints.
  • J&J will also review a recent history of CAT errors to identify any patterns and assist the firm with remediation.
  • J&J will draft a report identifying the steps followed, results of testing and recommendations for remediation

SEC Rule 605 and 606 Reporting

  • J&J will review the relevant order, routing and trading systems to identify the relevant feeder systems for the 605 or 606 reporting.
  • J&J will obtain raw data from each of the relevant systems and compare to the generated 605/606 reports to confirm that all relevant activity was properly captured and metrics were calculated correctly per SEC requirements/guidance.

Electronic Blue Sheets (EBS) Reporting

  • J&J will assess all firm systems for capturing transactions and sample selected dates and symbols for comparison to output from firm EBS systems.
  • J&J will identify any gaps in reporting as well as any discrepancies in transaction details in EBS reports based on SEC requirements and guidance.
  • J&J will also review the format of the firm’s EBS reports to confirm compliance with existing format requirements.