Financial Information Forum (FIF)

Jordan & Jordan provides program office support, staffing, and leadership for the Financial Information Forum (FIF).

FIF is an industry trade group comprised of over 100 broker-dealers, exchanges, and financial technology vendors. Established in 1996, FIF seeks to address and resolve open implementation issues that impact the securities industry across the order lifecycle.

FIF working groups provide their members with a collaborative environment to discuss critical issues amongst a broad range of subject matter experts. The open communication and sharing of industry best practices fostered by FIF helps their members gain a better understanding of the implementation impact of new initiatives and assists in their development of cost-effective solutions. FIF frequently informs the regulators of the implementation impact of new initiatives and offers alternative solutions through formal comment letters and in-person meetings. FIF is seen as neutral and trusted voice in the industry, which is why the regulators continually reach out to FIF for their viewpoint on a wide array of issues. Additionally, FIF acts as an intermediary between its members and regulators by asking regulators questions on behalf of members who may want to remain anonymous. To learn more about the Financial Information Forum please visit their site at or contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..