Market Data Licensing Compliance

The commercial and licensing models governing market data products have become increasingly more restrictive and market data providers have been implementing more granular, usage-based licensing models. J&J strives to keep our clients informed on the commercial and licensing models governing market data products.

J&J  provides industry-leading expertise to banks, brokers, investment managers and hedge funds consuming market data to help them fully understand how market data is used by their firms and their clients, and to be sure their market data usage is being properly reported by their organizations.

J&J specializes in exchange and vendor agreement interpretation and execution. We have analyzed market data policies relating to display, non-display, derived data creation, roles-based waivers, reporting, and audit provisions from the major exchanges worldwide.

Market Data Licensing Strategy

J&J facilitates negotiating market data licensing and technology agreements for exchanges and vendors, including negotiation strategizing, identifying potential risks, and advising on exchange and vendor flexibility with respect to certain commercial terms.

J&J clients receive a dedicated team with market data, legal and intellectual property expertise.  We have experience negotiating market data agreements and interpreting exchange policies providing specialized advice on all market data matters and reducing the workload of internal legal counsel and other executives.

Application On-boarding Requirements

J&J' s licensing team helps with onboarding new market data applications and new use cases and provision of ad hoc advice on the necessary licensing and commercial requirements.

J&J clients receive assistance with onboarding new market data applications and use cases helping businesses move quicker while ensuring potential risks are still considered and mitigated.

Application & Usage Assessment

J&J offers a review of market data applications and current market data usage to identify potential licensing gaps, non-compliance with exchange and vendor market data policies, and cost savings opportunities.

J&J clients receive Identification of potential compliance risks and cost savings opportunities through the review of business rules, application usage, and current licensing.

Market Data Pricing & Policy

J&J Licensing team provides the provision of quarterly exchange policy and pricing updates.

J&J clients receive important and relevant exchange updates from one source, absolving the need to sift through irrelevant notifications from multiple exchanges and vendors.