RIXML is a consortium of buy-side financial services firms, sell-side financial services firms, and vendors who provide products and services for distributing investment research. RIXML is committed to the development and implementation of the first open standard for the tagging and delivery of investment research and is a forum to discuss issues of interest to the research community.

The members of RIXML developed a standard specification called RIXML, which stands for Research Information eXchange Markup Language. RIXML is an XML standard that provides a structure for categorizing and classifying investment research so that any user can access research content in any format through standard filtering criteria.

RIXML is now in the early stages of exploring Social Media for content design, packaging and delivery of research products. Convergence of Social Media and Big Data is impacting the research space to spawn new delivery models, as users expect to receive research on the “workstation of their choice”, such as smartphones and tablets. Evolving regulatory scrutiny for research payments, content componentization and tagging for research “events” are among the key topics we take on within our working groups.

RIXML member firms define the strategy of the organization, establish its priorities, and support the development of the RIXML standard. Jordan & Jordan manages the Program Office for the RIXML Consortium.

For more about RIXML, membership, and initiatives, please call Deirdre Goldenbogen - 212-655-2945, or visit the RIXML Website at www.rixml.org. You can also:

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