Market Data Audit Services

Receiving a Market Data Audit notification causes most to stress over finding the time to complete it and worry over the implications.

Jordan & Jordan is a NYSE and NASDAQ approved audit services provider offering quality Quote Meter, and MISU audit services to investment banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, and more.   Our audit methodologies follow the FISD Best Practice Recommendations on the Market Data Audit Process and have allowed us to conclude audits in a timely manner with meaningful client communication and complete confidentiality. 

J&J has combined technology and subject matter expertise in streamlining the completion of Quote Meter and MISU audits.

NYSE Audit Services

Quote Meter

J&J's process will verify that firms' quote metering systems are in compliance with the re-distribution, usage, and reporting policies of the exchange. Our experience with metering systems enables us to meet the requirements of the exchange with minimal time commitment from the client.

Multiple Installation Single User (MISU)

We have designed our J&J audit procedures to meet the exchange requirements and provide confirmation that clients are in compliance with the exchanges’ reporting criteria. We work with our clients to complete the MISU audit in a timely and efficient manner.

NASDAQ Audit Services

UTP Multiple Instance, Single User (MISU)

J&J has performed UTP MISU audits from the inception of the program and is an approved auditor by the UTP Plan Administrator. The audit process will include a review of the verification requirements outlined by the exchange in an effort to ensure firms apply adequate controls over entitlements, monitoring, and/or reporting. Our experience results in an efficient process for audit review and delivery.